Sun Flare

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Sun Flare

Violent Environment

Indications: For calm clarity in violent environments.

October 28-29, 2003

You see only what you believe. And you project only what you want others to believe about you.
If you project the truth then you will attract light, and even your darker side will be viewed with compassion and help.

It is so easy when the world has become so violent and you hear of ugly events on a daily basis to want to shelter yourself and continue business as usual. But when violence grips your family,
when there is domestic violence, maiming, or rage within your community it is time to wake up.

This is an essence for taking a breath, for looking at emotionally volatile situations with calm clarity.
The essence imparts a certain detachment and at the same time an accepting of responsibility
for your role in the situation and a willingness to accept the consequences for your actions or lack of actions. The essence holds and supports your heart that you may face the darkness with strength and compassion.


A Sun Flare (also called a Solar Flare) is a violent explosion in the Sun’s atmosphere 
that happens when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields (usually above sunspots) is suddenly released. 
The explosion produces electromagnetic radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum that can 
overload power grids and disrupt communication systems on Earth. Many sensitive humans react to these fields which sometimes cause migraine headaches and other inflammatory responses.
It is the Earth’s atmosphere that protects humans from harmful effects of the radiation.

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