Wild Mint

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Wild Mint

(Mentha arvensis)

Common names: Native Spearmint, American Wild Mint Bakha, Field Mint, Corn Mint


Indications: Keeping to oneself. Feeling numb and unable to respond appropriately because of unacknowledged feelings or unhealed trauma from one's past.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park – Silver Inlet, Ontario, Canada 8/17/7

Standing on the shores of Thunder Bay at the head of the Great Lake Superior brings new meaning to the word ʻwildʼ. The emotional charge of Lake Superior forcefully breaking against the rocky mountainous arm of the Sleeping Giant, movement and intensity mark this place. The Spirit of the deep sea waters Nanabijou is ever awake here -- watchful, listening and responding -- sometimes with the purr of a kitten,
sometimes the snarl of a wild cat, pouncing and fierce at the slightest provocation. The wild mint growing here, with its feet in the water, is not silly enough to challenge the elements by boasting with height and size. It sensibly stays low to the ground. 

As is told in the Greek fable, tiny Minthe was a nymph who was much loved by Hades, god of the underworld. Persephone, Hadesʼ wife, so much hated the nymph for having
her husbandʼs affections that she turned Minthe into a creeping plant for all the world to walk on. Hades, however, softened this curse, allowing Minthe to release a sweet smell when trampled on, and so, it turns out, she became loved by all.

Wild Mint essence stimulates and provokes the stagnant emotional waters within. It is a perfect essence to get your juices flowing, to wake up the potential of lively life energy that lies beneath unhealed trauma
or unacknowledged feelings that have formed a virtual damn, shutting you off from a real life. As you offer less and less in relationships, feelings of insignificance can arise from the worry that you really have nothing important to offer. And, with the offering of nothing, there is nothing risked… but also nothing gained. When you keep to yourself, there is no footprint left behind, and the invisible life is soon forgotten as the unrelenting tide brings in something new. 

Over time, as you hold back from pain and true emotion, you may begin to feel numb. Unable to find connection to anything of significance, your soul life becomes dull without the proper circulation of the pleasures and sorrows of an active river of authentic emotion flowing through the heart center. This flower essence is helpful when you are stuck, unable to acknowledge or recover from a loss or trauma. It offers both the stimulation to take action and the comfort to feel confident and peaceful with vulnerability. Wild mint sparks movement and trust…trust to move forward and face the inner pain that has left you feeling paralyzed, releasing the years of fear while helping you learn to dismantle the walls that are hiding your sweet fragrance beneath.

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