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(Fragaria x ananassa)

Spreading Love


Indications: Supports loving, gifting, and reaching out with heart and soul. Perfect for Networking and connecting to others.




To truly give your heart to another is the most beautiful and awesome power that we as humans experience. The gift is not even so much that which is received as the amazing healing and unbridled joy that you, as the giver, receive. There is no power greater, no feeling more profound. but sometimes you may feel that it is a rare and always somehow obscured from view. Yet love is not hard to find, you only have to look deeply into the eyes of a newborn child, pet your dog or simply stand in the sunshine and let it penetrate spreading over your skin. This is Love!

The Strawberry essence can support you in bringing your love out into the world, gifting others in unexpected and sweet ways, and reaching new friends with heart and feeling. Like the strawberry plant that spread into new areas, blossoming and fruiting on the new growth, your heart must continue to reach out, touching and gifting an ever wider and wider population.

  Strawberry is a special and revered gift of the Creator to many Native American peoples.

The Oneida named the fruit for the month of June. They celebrate the Strawberry Ceremony in mid-June, when this earliest of the summer berries is ripe for eating.

Strawberry plays an important role in the Cherokee creation legend: As First Woman was running away from First Man following a quarrel the Creator threw a handful of strawberry plants to Earth at the feet of First Woman. The plants were so beautiful that she stopped to taste one small berry, and as she ate the berries she forgot her anger and began longing for her husband. She gathered more strawberries, returned to First Man, and put a berry in his mouth. He smiled foolishly and gave thanks to the Creator.

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