Summer Apple

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Summer Apple

Releasing Guilt

Indications: Helps to release learned patterns of feeling guilty for the mishaps and events of your history. Encourages you to forgive yourself and heal feelings of shame by allowing this energy to release and clear.

Summer Apple

This 55-year-old tree is an old vintage variety of apple that bears small, slightly tart apples in early August.

This blossom essence supports the release of guilt. As newborns we are all born innocent, with a clarity of being and spirit that is capable of pure love; we are free of guilt, with no
experience or knowledge of shame. We are born of love, yet guilt is a learned response, often due to numerous shaming. Summer Apple Blossom essence helps to release the
pattern that holds this energy static against your will.

This essence helps to unlock the complex patterns of conditioning that keep you motivated to do things out of feelings of obligation and guilt. It does this by helping you first to remember who you are: A Spirit being who came to Earth to learn and who shares your identity with the God force of creation.

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