Rocky Mountains

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Rocky Mountains

Facing Big Challenges

Indications: Imparts enthusiasm and new-found energy when facing something big, challenging or new.

The Rockies are new mountains in Earth’s evolutionary story. The Canadian Rockies are relatively unscarred by the gold rush and other assaults of man that left the faces of the U.S. mountains to the south shattered with broken shale and rubble, remains of crazed prospectors’ dynamite. These mountains stand majestic, with smooth and intelligent presence.


This essence was made at dawn along the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies north of Banff. We are surrounded by Protection, Castle, and Pulsatilla Mountains. There is an eagle’s nest on the center of the bridge about 50 feet from the essence bowl. It is my daughter’s 13th birthday, and the children are still asleep. We are just east of the continental divide. This is the upper back of the Rocky Mountain range and holds the heart energy for this range.

The mountains here are all fantastic, reaching spectacular heights in dramatic and beautiful form. It is interesting to be asked to make an essence of these mountains this morning because, although we are sitting in relative light here by the river, the mountains are completely non-visible and held by the cloak of the morning mist. 


Finding your inner warrior spirit to face new challenge, big adventure or dramatic change…the Rocky Mountain essence infuses the heart with vibrant strength, evoking the excitement of Grand Adventure and the determination that can meet competition with the hardiness and confidence required to succeed. 


It is the clear view that allows you to literally see-through an obstacle to the goal ahead. Promoting the strength and courage of the archetypal pioneer with the spirit to explore, confront and face down challenging situations with both guts and optimism.

Especially helpful if you feel discouraged, frightened or paralyzed by a situation that feels overwhelming, scary or simply too big.

The Rocky Mountain essence can help to evoke your leadership qualities while helping you to overcome any physical hardship or pain that may accompany the endeavor. Made in the high altitudes of a mountain range that begins in the northern tip of the continent and snakes its way through the U.S., Mexico,and South America -- where it is known as the Andes.

Rocky Mountains are but a 3,000-mile squiggle of the Cordillera Spine that defines the watershed on this continent. 

The Elementals of this vast range reign strong with courage and adventure, allowing your spirit to rise up and enter the sacred space of the cathedral of mountain top. It is here that you can walk in the power and strength of the mountains. It is thus you truly feel the Holy Spirit as a living, radiant entity that is both surrounding and within. 


The breath of the mountain air is like fine silk to someone accustomed to wearing heavy rough cloth. It is thin but jeweled with the vibrant charge of super-ionized glacial snowmelt, cold and intelligent, with a purity and a distinct messaging that speaks directly to the heart –reminding the hero within to engage.

The near Sun nurtures the injured soul forces, while the high altitude night skies offer a walk among stars so bright and close you feel them surround you, and intimately

you share your thoughts and prayers with your listening twinkling sky brothers. Though fear and real danger are always near, there is a supportive energy from the Elementals

that is much stronger, filling you with an awake, interested mind and an inspired body that is, though perhaps out of shape, able to climb another ridge. 

The Rocky Mountain essence can offer strength and balance to your mind, your emotions, and the energy systems of your body. It is helpful for Big Problems, Big Quests or Big Ideas.

Because when you face something Big, it is your spirit that must be strong. And a strong, nurtured spirit feeds on High Adventure – Big Stuff. Bring it on! 

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