Oak Mountain

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Oak Mountain

Attachment To Life

Indications: Supports attachment to life.

 Oak Mountain

The Oak Mountain essence protects the sanctity of the waters of life. It was made atop ta waterfall about 85 feet high at the high point of Double Oak Mountain in Central Alabama inside a 10,000 acre park in the southernmost part of the Appalachian chain.

Oak Mountain essence helps to protect the spiritual aura and support life flow within the body. As sacred Kundalini rises from the base of your spine it opens your body's power centers in an organized and fluid manner. This essence supports attachment to life and aids a powerful spiritual expansion as your energy is continually re-circulated, strengthening both your physical and etheric bodies.

Despair and lack of interest in life is often the result of losing your connection to God or your sense of Divine purpose. This life spark may have previously come through your connection to a loved one who is ne longer present in your life, through a sense of being needed in your family, job or community, or through a being nurtured by those around you or a strong connection to Nature. When one or more of these these connections is severed your link to the others is affected.

To reconnect with your sacred waters within is to recognize at a soul level the Divinity of your being and to learn to honor the flow of life energy available to you. This essence is especially supportive where lack of interest and attachment to life is the result of loss of a dearly beloved in their life..... a family member, spouse or friend who had somehow become integral to your own ability to feel unity with spirit and the Holy aspects of yourself. Without this connection, at some level your personality feels alone, abandoned and adrift in the sea of life here on the Earth plane.

This essence, made from a waterfall atop a mountain at the end of the ancient Appalachian chain, offers the chance to once more find joy in our lives and reverence for the Nature around us.



 Called “The Peavine Falls” by locals, this waterfall courses between lichen-covered rock on Double Oak Mountain inside the 10,000-acre Oak Mountain State Park in the southernmost part of the Appalachian chain.


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