Mountain Pulsatilla

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Mountain Pulsatilla

(Pulsatilla vulgaris)

common names: Anemone, Windflower, Gosling Plant, American Pulsatilla, Prairie Crocus, Sand Flower, Pasqueflower, Common Pasque Flower


Whiny Discontent, Restores Perspective

Indications: Brings you back into your heart so that you may not be so whiny and critical... helps elevate your view to see the Heaven around you

Heaven on Earth is an often sought after place but true peace may be hard to find. Your needs can feel as if they are great, even urgent, like an unquenchable thirst, you yourself may feel overwhelmed and unsupported and you may have have become lazy and easily irritated usually as the result of your own poor choices.

Pulsatilla is soft and furry, its buds can look almost like a pussy willow as it blooms above the Colorado River High in the Rocky Mountains. This essence helps to remind you of your higher purpose and bring you back into your heart when you have become critical or whinny in the course of day-to-day tasks and interpersonal interactions. it helps you to elevate your view to see the Heaven around you, Heaven that is always present and available to you from the Natural Realm wherever you may be on this Earth and no matter what the situation.

Pulsatilla softens your heart and the critical aspects of your mind. It then works to connect the grateful and compassionate aspects of your heart chakra with your throat chakra so that your words become more sweet and sensitive, and your ego is able to soften and release its tension and you can begin to enjoy your walk here on the physical plane. As your ego feels more supported it is able to embrace the joys of life and the many gifts of the Earth with gratitude and peace.

 Mountain Pulsatilla is known by many names. As an early bloomer in the spring prairies of North America, it became known as Pasque Flower, Pasque referring to Easter (Passover) as a marker of its blooming time. The Lakota call it “Hosi Cekpa” or “Child’s Navel.” 

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