Desert Daisy

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Desert Daisy

(Perityle emoryi)

    Common names: Little Desert Daisy, Rock Daisy

 Media Addictions

Indications: Addresses additions to media or other superficial distractions that keep you diverted from your purpose and unable to hear the subtler and happier messages of Nature and your true self.

The flower essence of Desert Daisy is helpful to those souls who are addicted to distraction or pursuits that capture their attention and inhibit the ability of the subtler energies of Nature and Spirit to be heard.
We live in a Culture of Distraction which tempts and lures you with virtual stimuli and pursuits that swallow all your time and energy, keeping you from doing what you came here to do and learning what you came here to learn. Addictions to news media, radio, video, games or recorded music keep your ears, eyes and mind distracted and unable to hear Spiritual intuitive messaging. It takes discipline to create the time and space necessary for Spiritual health and an ability to hold firm to counter-cultural, holistic edicts.

 Desert Daisy flower essence holds purposeful to the high mesa desert soil... persevering, subtle, almost unseen. Its essence helps you to break away from addictions to the sensory poisons of our Culture by calming your physical and mental bodies, releasing the nervous impulse to engage in diversionary activities. Once your mind and body learn to relax and be present, you can begin to receive guidance and make choices that better serve your health, happiness and learning potential.

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