Dwarf Borage

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Dwarf Borage

(Borago pygmaea)

 Clumsy/ Graceful

Indication: Brings grace and harmony to a physical or emotional body that is experiencing clumsiness or feeling awkward.

The humble borage plant originally from Europe has spread and naturalized throughout the world. Here in the high desert of Utah we found it blossoming after a rainstorm- the first rain in eleven months, surrounded by the deserts red clay earth.

Borage essence offers you strength and confidence when you feel out of balance with your physical body. Clumsiness, worries about physical performance or fears of failure set in when you are ungrounded. This little plant could not be closer to the ground where she hovers low and insightful. Helpful for stages of awkwardness during growth spurts or attempting a challenging physical endeavor. This is the perfect essence to help restore faith in oneself and one's abilities. True grace comes from a deep clarity of self and the confidence to walk into the world with poise and harmony.

The fresh herb has a cucumber-like fragrance. When steeped in water, it imparts a coolness to it and a slight cucumber flavor. When mixed with lemon and sugar in vinegar or wine and water, it makes a refreshing and restorative summer drink. It was formerly always an ingredient in cool tankards of wine and cider. An interesting “cooling plant” to find in the desert!

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