Prairie Clover

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Prairie Clover

(Dalea purpurea)

Common names: Purple Prairie Clover, Violet Prairie Clover

 Balances Masculine
Indication: Helps you to work with and use your masculine energy in appropriate and productive ways. Works to balance and strengthen yang energy to its highest potential.

The conscious male must come to a balanced relationship with his masculine identity. An affinity that combines strength and sensitivity allowing him to feel in harmony and able to live productively, comfortable with his physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual presence.

Potency and stamina are intrinsic to the male archetype. A belief that you are strong and able to go into the world with that strength reliably is the very foundation of confidence and power. When that innate quality is interrupted by trauma, stress, overwhelm or a sense of being undermined and bullied it can feel devastating and identity crisis and despair can result.

Prairie Clover encourages the highest male paradigm and is balancing to both males and females who wish to work with masculine archetypes of their Spiritual potency imbuing the world of ideals, spiritual thought, action and fertilization.

Some individuals are naturally more feminine in nature but that does not mean they do not also need to foster a healthy relationship with their yang or male side whether male or female.

Males though especially need to come to terms with the genuine strength intrinsic to their gender as positive role models have become harder to find and there are less opportunities for their questions to be answered with wisdom.

Prairie clover covers endless acres of the the country enriching the soil everywhere she goes. The root of purple prairie-clover was used for chewing by several native tribes. It is said to have a pleasant, sweet flavor. The dried leaves have been used as a tea substitute.

As a flower essence she promotes the return of a healthy relationship with the Sacred masculine self. Modern culture has influenced men to accentuate the warrior self while the wise, benevolent, sensitive and Divine self has been downplayed. Prairie clover works to honor the whole male.

Choosing to embark on this journey offers you initiation and transformative spirituality. And most importantly the healing required to become authentic leaders and elders for the next generation.

A pollinator favorite, Purple Prairie Clover is a host plant for Dogface Butterfly larvae and provides nectar to many species of butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.
Dalea purpurea is one of the most widespread of the Prairie Clovers, and is a standard component in prairie restoration, and the rehabilitation of disturbed areas. But it is uncommon in areas that have been disturbed by modern development. Root division can be tricky as it does not like disturbance after it has become established. Most legumes, including this one, have a beneficial bacteria on their roots that enables the fixing of nitrogen in the soil. The Montana Indians used a poultice of the steeped bruised leaves to be applied to fresh wounds. The Chippewa Indians made a decoction of the leaves and blossoms to be used in the treatment of heart problems.

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