Church Rock

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Church Rock

Calms Aggression

Indications: Supports peacefulness & compassion to ground overly aggressive or overly physical behavior.

The essence of Church Rock is especially balancing to those with aggressive or animalistic natures characterized by an over-identification with one’s physical body and physical actions. This would be a good pick
for children who are unable to control outbursts of emotionally charged physical energy….. often kicking, biting or running around head-first in bursts of physical or confrontational action.
Although often suited to boys or men, this over-physical temperament certainly describes the disposition of many women. Used as a constitutional remedy, this essence is also useful to bring harmony when the instability has its roots in hormone imbalance.

Church Rock is a red sandstone desert form near Gallup, New Mexico. Visible for many miles in all directions, it is held sacred and honored in prayer and ceremony.The form resembles a person with too many limbs,
all pointing towards the sky. The essence of Church Rock helps to reorient overly physical, in-your-face energy by helping to flood the physical body with a grounding awareness of one’s surroundings and others’ feelings. This, then, aids the mind and the spiritual capacities to play a more dominant role in the impulses of the physical body, helping one learn to be more thoughtful, peaceful and gentle in relationships and actions.


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