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White Campion

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White Campion

(Silene latifolia)

Common names: BlatterCampion, Catchflies, White Cockle,

Spiritual Guidance

Indications: A powerful catalyst for gently opening you heart to receive a clear flow of directives from your Spiritual Guides and Councilors.

White Campion

For years I have lovingly referred to this flower as “Woodchuck Weed”..... as I was unable to identify it in any of my herb books, I assigned it a common name reflecting my observation and relationship with the plant. Although I have many White Campion volunteers throughout my gardens, I often see only the base of the plant as the flowers and upper leaves and stems have been nibbled off by our resident woodchucks. With all the other herbs and plants in the garden I was curious as to why this plant was favored by my fat, furry friends. Tasting the plant gave me no clue as it was a little hairy, tough,
and grass-like. The plant seemed to be chosen for its more herbal qualities: perhaps it was a sort of woodchuck-nip. I have always left plenty of the White Campion to grow and reseed for my little friends, and they nod their thanks at me when we meet on the garden path.

The White Campion essence is a powerful catalyst for opening your heart to receive a clear flow of directives from your Guides and Spiritual Councilors. White Campion essence can gently inhance your ability
to receive ancient Wisdom and Teachings long stored in the cellular structures of your body. Crystalline in nature, these structures only have to be activated by a clear electrical current of grounded Spiritual Intelligence. Once this Intelligence is grounded into the physical structure of the body, a clearer and clearer reference may be received as the heart becomes open and receptive to the Wisdom of the Masters.

White Campion essence can restore a coherent, grounded current in the heart chakra. It helps one to connect to and receive the Ancient Knowledge that is so pertinent to our predicaments here on Earth today.
With this Grounding and Wisdom restored, you can then make choices that serve Truth, speak clearly from a deep, wise heart-space, and touch this Earth with loving, healing hands.

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