Prismatic Spring

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Prismatic Spring

Scaring Experience

Indication: Opens up your ability to communicate your feelings and clarify your intentions after you has been burned by an unfair situation or relationship. Helps you to transform a scarring experience into a beneficial well of deep pure wisdom.

When you experiences a deeply hurtful or scarring experience it is hard to trust others openly again. For it is intrinsic to human nature to become self protective when threatened and to naturally autopilot into self survival mode. Emotions that were open and responsive can become hardened or numb. The world just doesn't look the same anymore because your heart is locked down in a state of shock.

Even when you have been warned to stay away from a fiery situation or untrustworthy individual it still feels like an unexpected and unfair curveball when you get burned. Why me? I'm such a nice person! And actually that is the most likely reason it was you. You are nice, and it is important to you that you are nice, and others may unfortunately prey on that quality.

The Prismatic Spring is a geyser, her water is scalding hot, coming from the heat of volcanic forces far below the Earth. Her essence offers a fiery water that is so hot that it purifies all your anger and your fear of vulnerability. She works to erase the scars of past traumas and offers you the wisdom that can only be accessed by those who have been tried by fire.... wisdom to see your way back to a place where you feel open enough to seek new relationships. Trusting relationships that include an ability to experience intimacy in a protected and welcome way.

The Prismatic Spring is one of Yellowstone National Park's many beautiful geysers. Geysers are hot springs with constrictions in their plumbing, usually near the surface, that prevent water from circulating freely to the surface where heat would escape. The deepest circulating water can exceed the surface boiling point (199°F/93°C). Increased pressure exerted by the enormous weight of the overlying water prevents the water from boiling. As the water rises, steam forms bubbling upward, the steam expands as it nears the top of the water column. At a critical point, the confined bubbles actually lift the water above, causing the geyser to splash or overflow. This decreases pressure on the system, and violent boiling results. Tremendous amounts of steam force water out of the vent, and an eruption begins.

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