Beauty Bush

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Beauty Bush

(Kolkwitzia amabilis)

Over Dependence

Indications: For overly dependent behavior. Supports development of self-confidence and appropriate maturity, while rooting practicality & perseverance.

Beauty Bush

The Beauty Bush essence aids those with a natural optimism and trusting nature to develop a deeper attunement to their own needs, both practical and spiritual. It helps them to understand that what they manifest in this world depends on their conscious, centered efforts. It helps them to develop a deeper trust in themselves and their ability to handle the day-to-day chores that help bring order to their lives
and that serve as a foundation for greater stability and self-reliance.

The good and sweet nature of those who need Beauty Bush can be overly dependent on the good nature of others to support them as they joyfully explore their many interests and pleasures. Their optimistic, fun way of experiencing the world makes others eager to be around them. The Beauty Bush helps to mature and deepen their already intuitive abilities to seek a co-creative partnership with the Spiritual World,
assuming more self-responsibility and commitment to career, relationships, and practicality in finances.

Beauty Bush essence helps to bring dreams to a place of accessibility by teaching the personality the value of clear goals that require concentration of effort, practical time tables, and good road maps or detailed plans. Beauty Bush embraces joy and optimism with practicality and perseverance. It is through this gift of a strong rooting in the physical world that our soul-inspired dreams can manifest and bless this world with their awesome beauty.

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