April Cherry

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April Cherry

Spontaneous Celebration

Indications: Relaxes depression and old stagnant forms of expression.

April 30, 2004

April Cherry

This essence is made from the blossoms of a profusely flowering chery tree in April. This is the same cherry tree that had appeared to be dead for two years and then flowered from mid September into November last fall. Now in April it is jubilant with sweet-smelling blossoms, joining the merrymaking of another spring.

This cherry tree, blossoming at its proper time with the expression of new life and spring flowers, offers you an example of Divine Spiritual Celebratory expression of heart, love and rebirth. The tree has transcended the old paradigm for what is possible. In its new Spring blossoms it offers a jublant choir to honor this creative triumph of Spirit over perceived reality.

How much more of an expression of Love and energy can you offer if you learn to freely celebrate the spontaneous spirit within instead of adhering to past dogma, ritual and conformity.The Spirit within you longs to dance, to sing and to move with abundant clarity and life force.

Take this essence to release old thoughts and depression, let go of stagnant forms of expression. Nature teaches that true intelligence is an ability to listen deeply with your heart and to respond in constant harmony with the currents of new life and resurrection that surround you. If you have been worn down trying to give what you cannot..... trying to be who you are not..... lost in routine and conformity..... this essence can birth freedom to honor new inner voices and directives and to offer your praise and energy as a grateful-heart song rather than an obligatory ritual.

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