Sea Pickle

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Sea Pickle

(Sesuvium portulacastrum)

Common names: blue star, Sea purslane,,



Psychic Vision, DNA

Indications: Improves the capacity of your third eye to perceive through the darkness and hold vision while supporting the violet hue in your auric body.


You have been placed on this Earth with a star on your forehead. For some that star has gone dark and for others it is dim and distant. The star marks your ancient heritage and helps to access a point of remembrance of purpose and of return.

The Sea Pickle flower grows on the virgin white sand of St. Josephs Island, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. It could not be closer to the Earth as its succulent vines travel along the surface lush and vibrant. This essence helps to cosmically support the crystalline structure of DNA as it moves through a re-structuring that is needed to sustain dimensional shift.

The Sea Pickle flower essence can greatly Improve the capasity of your third eye vision

as it stabilizes the blood and water channels in the body allowing inner intelligence to embrace a higher more-efficient light structure so the body physical is better supported during expansion of consciousness.




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