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Red Pine

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Red Pine

(Pinus resinosa)

Common names: Norway Pine, Hard Pine, North American Pine

Healing With Father

Indications: A foundational remedy for helping to heal one's relationship with one's father, ones sense of oneself as a father and one's connection to Father God.

Caliper Lake, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada 8/10-7


Above Caliper Lake in Northwestern Ontario, a forest of mature Red Pines dominates the sandy hill overlooking one of the areaʼs many cold and pristine glacial lakes. As a lifelong forest-walker, I feel blessed whenever I stand beneath a Grandfather Red Pine, and sitting here in the morning sun, with my daughters and me surrounded by these many towering elders, quiets my questing heart and restores my sense of Earth rhythm and balance. It is important if we are to lead successful, productive lives and create strong and meaningful relationships to have a healed relationship with our father, or that which we have come to hold as our father image. The father is the creative seed that launches us into the world of matter, to thrive or to flounder. But, a true father is so much more than that.
A true father cares for -- and cares about -- his children. He is there to aid in their spiritual growth, to provide for their physical needs, to nourish their self-esteem with a growing confidence, and to listen deeply to their dreams. The good father patiently teaches the forgiveness inherent in true, unconditional love. This world, however, has offered up a few challenges in this ideal, as many sons and daughters have experienced an estranged or rocky relationship with their own earthly father. Earthly fathers can be short-tempered, impatient, distant or unavailable, often harsh and demanding or criticizing and judgmental. Children are routinely physically or emotionally abused by their fathers. Abandonment by fathers is never forgotten by the child; somewhere that wound bleeds with a questioning of self-worth or feelings of
responsibility for the fatherʼs leaving. Some fathers stay, only to remain obscured and made impotent by a dominating partner or to be emotionally unavailable to their children because they themselves are lost in their own unhealed confusion or busyness.Fathers wound the relationships with their children mostly because they themselves have been broken by their own fathers or by an injured patriarchal society that functions like a poor father. Men, for generations immemorial, have been sent off to war or out into a cruel world to seek their fortune, or they have had to battle with the elements for survival. Men are seldom offered the opportunity or space to heal the profound emotional scarring of the warriors we ask them to be. Big boys donʼt cry!
It is true that there is something that fathers must teach their children about battle and survival: between the lines of love and grace there must also be a honing of resilience and courage. Unfortunately, though, it is the feelings of love and grace that so often seem to be what is slipping between those cracks, as the father, instead, embeds the lessons of “you must work hard to achieve success”, “toughen up or you wonʼt make it out there”, or, simply “act like a man”.
The Red Pine essence honors the relationship of the archetypical Father, or the “Our Father”, if you will -- the Father God that blesses us with sunshine and warmth. Offering you the gift of unconditional love,
you are forgiven for all your ills and our lack of achievements. With this, you no longer need to exhaust yourself in the pursuit of endless perfectionism. Red Pine offers you more than love: it offers you a sense of security and trust -- both trust in yourself and trust that your home and world are safe and secure. Our Father is steadfastly watching over us.

Healing the penetrating wounds of lost and negative fathers is fundamental to true emotional and spiritual health. The Grandfather Red Pines tower above you with the wisdom that can bathe you in care, in abundance, in true worldly success. When separating from the dysfunctional, wounded father and learning to instead identify with the Great Father, you gain the confidence and courage needed to accomplish what you want -- to manage money with a sense of power and to find partners who will support the fulfilling of your dreams. If you forgive your father, you can start the journey towards forgiving yourself.
If you forgive your father, you can start to offer them the perfect love you so need. What is it that your father needs from you? Maybe it is just to know that, regardless of his mistakes, a loving Creator spreads his arms wide, wide enough to embrace you both. It is not always possible to reconcile; that takes two, but alone or together you both can stand in this immense and loving embrace. The old trees tower above the lake, above the rocks, and far above the humans that walk below them. They, who have been here a hundred or more years before us, have the long view. And their essence offers both the grace and the wisdom of one who has lived through the ages and can see forever the sky, the lake and the pain & the triumph of human hearts. Our Father, Holy Be Thy Name.

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