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Old Growth White Pine

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Old Growth White Pine

(Pinus strobus)

Indication: Loss Of Home
An embrocation or balm offered to the deep feelings and sorrow that result from the leaving or loss of your people home or homeland.

To our ancestors home was sacred. Not only the shelter where they slept, but also the homeland which included the trees, the water, the rocks, the animals and the plants that surrounded and supported them. All these sentiment energies existed alongside their human family and their communities were perceived and honored as integral to a sense of home. The dwelling itself was held Sacred, not just for its protection from the elements but also because of the thoughts, prayers and emotions that were felt and experienced in this home. These experiences wove together the the warp and weft of the fabric that over time, created the colorful blanket of protection that held and surrounded the inhabitants daily and grew as their experiences grew.

Leaving home and community behind to create new space, has never been an easy energetic shift. Even when the move is important and the new space an improvement from the old.

Loss of home due to misfortune such as fire, flood, foreclosure, divorce or other tragedy can evoke an especially deep grieving or sense of loss and despair as you feel suddenly exposed to the elements in some unguarded or unfamiliar way. Our homes are our protectors, holding us warm and dry through lives cold winds and rainy weather. They offer a place to retreat from the world, to dream our dreams, to hide on the couch with a good book, to converse around the kitchen table, to nurture and love your family and your friends with the care of a thoughtfully prepared meal. They hold the memories of the feelings felt there. Both good and bad, all emotions can continue live in the walls and the fabric of the dwelling. Complex feelings of pain and vulnerably set to in when you move and this is taken away from you.

These ancient White Pines are a reminder of how the forest looked and felt before the lumber companies clear cut the nation of its original tree template scattering the original people, the animals, the beneficial insects, the birds and microorganisms that had lived there from time immemorial.  Their essence embraces the sanctity and heart emotions felt in relationship to loss of home and aids one through the grieving process necessary for the healing required to move on with balance.

Home is much more than where you sleep. It is where you dream. When you leave sacred space you need to address the grief and primal feelings that you are experiencing in order to embrace your new destiny and new home with grace. Modern life has required transitions and adaptability. In order to meet these new challenges with balance you must learn to bow to your feelings of loss in authentic and healing ways.

White Pine essence offers healing to the deep feelings of the heart. She stretches her mighty arms allowing you to stand beneath her towering boughs, under her gentle nurturing protection. It is here, surrounded by the green of her big and generous heart that you will find solace and the sanctity of your new Sacred Home.

Hartwick Pines

With an area of 9,672 acres, Hartwick Pines is one of the largest state parks in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The park's rolling hills, which are built of ancient glacial deposit, overlook the valley of the East Branch of the AuSable River, four small lakes and unique timber lands. The principal feature of this park is the 49-acre forest of Old Growth Pines which gives the park its name. This forest is a reminder of the the old forest home that existed in this land in such abundance before the lumber barons clear cut this rich scenic beauty destroying the homeland and all of the different habitats it encompasses.

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