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Pinyon Pine

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Pinyon Pine

(Pinus pinceana)

Common names: Weeping Pinyon, Big-cone Pinyon Twoneedle Pinyon, Singleleaf Pinyon

Spiritual Attunement

Indications: Awakens one's connection to higher spiritual forces... helps one to easier obtain the alpha state.

Growing at the edge of Gooseberry Canyon in the Canyonlands National Park in eastern central Utah, this healthy over grandfather tree beholds one of this Earth's most breathtaking views: the canyon stretching down almost a third of a mile below..... and as far as one can see in all directions plunging chasms and pinnacles beautifully colored in desert hues of desert sand, rusty orange, red browns and endless in their scope.... in the far distance in three directions a surround of jagged snow-peaked mountains. From this vantage point, this sturdy graceful tree offers you a flower essence to help support your spiritual journey. 

Opening the crown chakra while enhancing visionary states by calming your central nervous system, the essence helps you to easier obtain the alpha state. This essence can enhance attunement, alignment, and harmony on all levels, assisting in both the transfer of spiritual information and your ability to perceive and understand spiritual intelligence.

This includes the ability to recognize possibility and to understand the higher aspects of your situation. Meditation, spiritual dance and prayerful states radiate within you as the essence works to awaken your connection to higher spiritual forces. Taken over time, the essence can stimulate internal changes that help you to feel more at one with the Creator spirit and all of creation.


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