October Foxglove

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October Foxglove

Emotionally Unavailable

Indications: For those who fear taking emotional risks and make pragmatic decisions based on their fears

Foxglove is a biennial, meaning it sends up its leaves and plant structure the first year and flowers in midsummer the next, then after creating and releasing seeds to ensure for the next generation, the parent plant dies. The October Foxglove joins our miracle flower essences because after the plants early summer spectacular bloom it sent up new flowers (the same year) in Michigan's cool late October weather.

The flower essence of October Foxglove supports a release of tension around issues involving heart energies. It is for those who fear taking emotional risks, closing themself off from truly meaningful relationships and intimate interactions. October Foxglove penetrates into your paralyzing fear of change or inability to express your vulnerability. Others may describe you as headstrong or stubborn, and you may have a tendency to be stuck in your head and inflexible making pragmatic decisions based on your fears.

 Foxglove, sometimes called Foxy Gloves, has a strong association with the “little people” and their magic. The flowers, many dainty pink chalices, hold a healing elixir that softens the mind while strengthening the perceptions of the heart. Helping your soul to develop its connection to the Earth, you can begin to feel not only your own heartbeat but a compassionate resonance with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The Earth’s strength through October Foxglove nourishes your emotional body, helping you to feel secure and accepting of both other people and of yourself. October Foxglove flower essence blossomed as a anomaly or miracle and can support you in learning to begin trusting external events, allowing you to cool with the earth tranquility of the plants and water element affinity. Here the ability to learn to have faith and to let go of your inner tension is enhanced, thus allowing heart space for you to forgive others, yourself and God. 

October Foxglove essence purifies the emotional energy field, helping you release past transgressions and fears, supporting an ability both to begin to feel deep and strong emotions and an equal ability to share and express these feelings with others. As the judgmental forces of your mind yield to the feeling forces of your heart, balance returns, opening you to the experiences of joy, and beauty, and with this miracles can return, at last allowing you to gracefully encounter external and internal situations with authentic feeling and acceptance.

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