Miracle Cherry Tree

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Miracle Cherry Tree

(Bing Cerasis)

Adventurous Spirit

Indication: The last season of the miracle cherry tree that blossomed 4 autumns in a row and offered Christmas cherries on its last year. Opens you up to adventure while offering the courage needed to find one's dream!

Somethings things are obvious and you proceed ahead doing the tasks that must be done to stay on track to meet your goals or at least maintain a situation or standard of living that you desire. This is well and good until you meet head to head with a conflict, accident or deep feelings of unrest that requires you to change, to do something new and to set out in directions unknown to find whatever it is that will answer your questions and offer a truer fulfillment of your dreams and life purpose.  

This essence was made from the buds of a cherry tree that had died and seemingly remained dead for over two years, showing no signs of life. Then in response to a prayer the tree went into full blossom on the tips of her brittle outer branches not in May as normal Cherry trees do but instead in mid September. This miracle did not occur only once but was witnessed for four autumns in a row. Each fall the dead tree blossomed, putting out more and more blossoms throughout September, October and November. Finally offering up a branch of cherries just before Christmas.


Sometimes you are faced with something so extraordinary that you need to say yes to it, even when you do not know what it is you are saying yes to. Your inner knowing however may strongly point you in a direction that is off the map from your normal life yet you feel that you must take the chance and follow. This may seem frightening to leave what is safe and familiar and venture into the unknown.

The Miracle Cherry Tree essence offers courage to go for your dream, to take the risk of adventure into new and uncharted life waters. This essence grounds new vision and supports an ability to find and then follow your life purpose in significant ways. Pioneers never know what adventures or struggles they will be asked to face or if they will have the resources to accomplish their goals. The Miracle Cherry tree offered one last gift in its final year. It's essence a template for offering your service to the world supported by miracles. When you believe that all things are possible you become unstoppable and able to move in higher and greater directions with ease and momentum. The next step dances before you in your dreams, though challenging, it offers a clearer fulfillment of your true life purpose.

Seemingly dead for two years the tree miraculously blossomed in autumn for four in a row. After offering a final gift essence this Miracle Cherry Tree was lost to a February ice storm that left its very dry and brittle branches scattered on the icy snow covered ground. She had come and now completed what she had been sent to Earth to do. The blessings she had offered... immeasurable.


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