Kalm's St. Johnswort

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Kalm’s St. Johnswort

(Hypericum kalmianum 'Ames')

Common names; Kalm's St. John's Wort

Finding your inner sun

Indications: Feeling lost in extreme pain, deep inner despair and depressing darkness. This flower essence meets gloomy, helpless, all hope gone emotions, directing you back to a path of self value, life worth and a spiritual light.

Dark, brooding, helpless thoughts, negativity and hopelessness... this is the dark night of the soul and no matter how alone you feel you need to know that everyone has or likely will go through these intense deeply sad emotions at some point in their life.

No matter how dark the feeling you are dealing with, no matter how hopeless you feel or how bad your situation is, somewhere there is light and you can come back into that light because it is your nature to be a being of light. You may feel very, very alone right now, full of sad thoughts and scary images yet know, with time the light WILL embrace you with unconditional love.

Kalms St. Johnswort shines itself like a radiant sun. A flower that blooms at summer solstice she absorbs the height of the solar rays and projects that warmth and love back into the world offering the soul a chance to rekindle its own inner sun and luminosity.

Darkness is the opposite of light but just as you are born into the masculine extrovertive powers of light you also are balanced with the introspective forces of feminine darkness. As hard as it may feel to go through your experience you must understand that it can only be overcome by looking within with deep compassion and not running from but instead acknowledging your pain. As long as you continue to focus outside of yourself you will remain unable to change the feelings or make them go away.

It seems that the only way to transcend an experience is to begin dealing with the personal internal crisis which created it. The extreme anguish which gave life to the darkness of this experience is often the catalyst needed for very profound and life-altering awakening experience that has the power to move you out of darkness and direct you to make the life changes necessary to find fulfillment and happiness. These very feelings of despair or hopelessness are being manufactured by your higher self which is trying to force you into a transformative situation where you will literally have to change to move forward.

From her perspective blossoming in pockets of Limestone and Dolomite bedrock on Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron's North Shore resources are slim, conditions harsh and summer is short and intense while the dark cold days of winter can seem endless. Yet this bright plucky flower is able to rise above the hardship and transform the struggle into radiant golden magnificence. Truly a path back to courage and joy is also possible for you.

Alvars are naturally open habitats with either a thin covering of soil or no soil over a base of limestone or dolostone. Globally, alvars are restricted to islands off the coast of Sweden, the eastern European Baltic region, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the North American Great Lakes Basin. North American alvars support a distinctive set of flora and fauna, flowers found on this Ontario Alvar are unique to this small area.


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