Kalm's Lobelia

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Kalm’s Lobelia

(Lobelia kalmii)

Common names: Ontario Lobelia, Brook Lobelia, Great Lobelia, Blue Cardinal flower

Calms a compulsive, competitive disposition

Kalm’s Lobelia.....gentle, quiet, lovely.....helps to nurture a stronger heart and sense of joy and devotion to the Human and Animal Kingdoms while helping to balance an overly competitive, striving personality whose focus on achieving and winning preclude experiencing the fun of “playing the game.” Whether attempts are aimed at improving status, winning the tournament, or acquiring more material wealth, the addiction to prevail and stay on top narrows your view to a straight ahead focus and hardens your overall experience of life.

The Kalm’s Lobelia essence helps you to soften allowing subtler energies of Nature and Spirit to be experienced and enjoyed, releasing compulsive urges to spend all of your Life Energy in pursuits of achievement. 

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