Cedar Falls

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Cedar Falls


Indications: Helpful when you are compelled to do things out of fear or worry about survival. Feeling unable to devote energy to your true path & life purpose.

Cedar Falls

The land here is a Shaman holding primordial wisdom and your connection to Earth’s ancient past and your own history which holds the clues to your true identity and purpose. Limestone that has been deeply etched by its constant exposure to falling water emanates the wisened beauty that can only be formed by exposure to the elements.

The Cedar Falls essence helps to ground you to the physical plane and opens you up to life mission. Physically opening the root chakra and enhancing digestion, the essence aids you in assimilating your experiences in both a meaningful and purposeful fashion. The essence then helps you to release the fears you have around survival issues that prevent you from moving forward with your life purpose.
True survival instincts can be seen as a tenacity to live, to thrive and to strive for the highest and best within you….. this can only be of the greatest asset to life purpose and fulfillment.
Survival fears may be centered around your job, food or clothing, issues paying the mortgage or surviving a life-threatening disease. The Cedar Falls essence reorients you to the more spiritual roots of what it means to survive, helping you to thrive in the action-based survival of doing the right thing instead of stagnate in the fear of loss. This essence helps to teach you at core levels the difference between fear-based survival and the hardy challenge required to achieve the strength to thrive.

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