Butterfly Pea

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Butterfly Pea


Indications: Supports community communication and understanding... helps you to recognize our innate need for others.

This is a flower that lends its support to community building. Found amidst a crowd of other spring flowers, it holds its own position for light and water.


Butterfly Pea

This is an essence to help us gain a clearer perspective.
It can help you to stand back and reevaluate your focus and actions from a truer more heart-centered place. Being able to perceive the essence of a situation
and then act from a place of wisdom and love begins the true process of healing.

Empathy and caring are indeed potent healers, but without higher wisdom and an ability to evaluate the situation from the perspective of the Highest Good,
your seemingly loving actions may only serve to create or encourage co-dependency, misunderstood motivations, and sometimes hurt feelings, as your seemingly helpful actions are misinterpreted.

The Butterfly Pea essence helps you to live more fully in your communities, as you can better understand your roles and more clearly communicate your intentions.
It can be helpful to those forming or working in existing communities that their intentions may truly be lived through clear actions of the heart.

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