Butterfly Bush

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Butterfly Bush

(Buddleia davidii)

Common names: Summer Lilac

Indication: True Seeing/Metamorphosis
Butterfly Bush flower essence enables you to clearly see through illusion. The essence helps you to unveil the “Great Mystery”  -as you are encouraged to open to enlightened communication with animals, nature spirits and Angels.

Butterfly Bush grows high, her flowers hanging in large heavy and perfumed purple umbels. Butterfly bush has a strong association with the faerie realms. She guides you to enable a world of light and color to flood through your being, facilitating a rise in consciousness above the shadows of the physical plane. Her intoxicatingly beautiful lilac blossoms strike the chord of your clairvoyant centers opening abilities to receive enlightened communications.

Her essence can serve those who live in a rich fantasy world and can look at life through the window of illusion, unsure how to mesh the magic of their internal life with the harsher structural realities of their day to day responsibilities. Supportive to dreamers who get lost in other dimensions and are less able to deal with practical reality, perhaps under a spell that makes it hard to access the grounding required to live in the “real world” and it's decisive stresses.

The Butterfly Bush supports with compassionate presence that nurtures the heart through episodes of injustice and unkindness, dispensing serenity and trust in Creator while consoling you to not take your situation so seriously.

Her intense association with her namesake the butterfly enables rebirth after a dark experience and integration of the subconscious/conscious realities thus helpful to experiences where the personality has become unattached from the higher self.

When you are living only in the your upper chakras you may have the experience of feeling lost in light making it harder to ground into the physical. This may have been a choice you made because the Earth and physical reality feels too dark and you prefer to “check out” as this energy is uncomfortable to you.

Butterfly Bush offers a bridge between the worlds...teaching the conscious spirit how to live successfully in many dimensions simultaneously with mastery.

A seventeenth-century amateur botanist brought the first butterfly bush to England in 1774. Though most of today's offerings have Chinese ancestors, this shrub came from Chile. Victorian-era explorers brought all kinds of exotic plants back to England. From China came seeds of Buddleia davidii, the hardy species that is most familiar to gardeners today, reached London's Kew Gardens in 1896. And horticulturists are still combing the Himalayan foothills for as-yet undiscovered Buddleia varieties.

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