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(Tragopogon porrifolius)

Common names: Salsify, Oyster Plant, Vegetable Oyster, Jerusalem Star, Common Salsify


Indications: Encourages a more reflective, sensitive nature for those, especially adolescents, whose maturation process is locked into a rebellious, non-listening mode.

 If you see yourself as separate from the whole of your family, environment or society you may be acting from a place of sarcasm and outward finger-pointing, callously assigning blame for your perceptions and experiences. It is only natural during the course of healthy maturation of the ego that you experience a time of breaking away from your parents and community. This is appropriately happens during adolescence as the child seeks to find their own voice and individual nature in preparation for their solo (without parents) journey into the world. As hormones change and your body grows dramatically this changes your self-perception and it is also natural that your inner perception enters a phase of transformation. Indigenous cultures honor this transitionary period with respect and initiation, wisely understanding and supporting the genesis of young adults and their need for community acknowledgement and support.

In the best of scenarios the child/adult will seek out the guidance and wisdom of their elders to find their way through a healthy mentoring relationship. Unfortunately, even the healthiest family or community may find itself faced with a rebel as renegades have challenged community life throughout history. Strong will forces, raging hormones, and negative influences from from friends can strongly influence choices and behavior during this developmental phase, as the soul forces are wide open and seeking someone or some dream to revere and emulate.

The Goatsbeard flower essence addresses mouthy, defiant, rebellious behavior that lacks wisdom and sensitivity or maturity and responsibility, instead supporting healthy growth that requires open channels of receptivity or listening so that you may wisely chose to reflect what is "right" from your environment and your elders.

Having your own form, intellect and gifts, you also have the responsibility to promote your own ideas, embellish traditional customs anew and challenge the status quo with the significant passion to promote change. It is each generations gift to advance humankind into new knowledge, understanding and truth.

The Goatsbeard essence is helpful to those whose maturation process is caught in a voice-only-mode and unable to listen to others or receive guidance from others experience. Defensive, argumentative, judgemental attitudes may be expressed in callous remarks, insensitive to the feelings of others or the impact of such powerful words. Engaging in selfish short-sighted or rebellious actions may reflect a need for recognition or an inability to appropriately find a way to express unsettled, confused emotions. Feeling a lack of commitment to the whole, you blame others for problems and inner feelings. 

Although helpful at at any stage of life when you feel rebellious or unable to listen, the Goatsbeard flower essence particularly addresses adolescence, supporting the initiation of the young adult by opening and activating  capacities to sit with uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, permitting opportunity to consider and reflect on one’s impulses. It is this pause that allows an opening in your capability to receive, and more importantly listen to, the guidance of your councilors and your inner spirit.

Inspiring a more reflective, sensitive nature, the Goatsbeard essence encourages you to find constructive avenues to speak your ideas and feelings while finding positive ways to influence change in your community. As you learns to become more respectful of others, you receive the respect of community and, more importantly, self-respect.

 Goatsbeard (also known as Salsify or Oyster Plant) was introduced to America in Thomas Jefferson’s time as a root vegetable from Europe. Generally needing rich loamy soil, it was a bit of a renegade growing here in the desert outside of Taos, New Mexico. Locals confessed to never seeing it before.

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