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Alpine Lupine

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Alpine Lupine

(Alpine Lupinus)

Common names: Silky Lupine, Pursh's Silky Lupine, Lupin, Arctic Lupine, Mountain-mahogany, Arrowleaf Balsaroot, Dwarf Mountain Lupine, Lobb's Lupine, uBio, Lodgepole Lupine

Indication: Afraid of commitment

For those who struggle with commitments, bowing out of potentially important relationships and projects. Inspires devotion and responsibility.

Commitment is like any decision, when you don't commit to a relationship or going back to finish your education or taking on a new job or are committing yourself to not doing it. And it may feel more comfortable to say no or be disengaged at the time yet you should ask yourself; if I don't want these opportunities then what is it that I do want? What am I afraid of? And if I keep saying no because of my fears what will the universe offer me in the future? Better connections? Or will I regret losing this one?

You may feel vulnerable or afraid to make a mistake yet if you never take the chance of being wrong how will you ever be right? It's important that you don't let the memory of your last failure predict your future. Everyday is a new day and whether it is a job, love relationship or another commitment that you are struggling with its important to remember that connections and bonds are built through daily communications and interactions. The more you participate, the stronger and more important they become.

If you feel like a relationship or responsibility will trap you and restrict your freedom you are half right. Every choice we make limits others. It's not possible to be in two places at once but it is fair to ask; do you want quantity or quality from your experiences?

Stranding a would be partner in the land of nebulous hope is unfair. You really have to make up your mind, no matter how painful and either commit or release your beloved to move on with their life to find the stability they are looking for. You are given only so much time in this life and it is important that you do not hold another from pursuing their own dreams to the fullest.

Alpine Lupine is a plant of action and clarity. Her essence quiets a restless heart and invokes the understanding that to live fully you must accept Earth challenges. She moves you to define your life work and relationships with a strong inner sense of destiny. When you take the time to look at and heal what underlies your inability or hesitation to commit to important life decisions you move in the direction of achieving greater fulfillment and creating a life that you will be proud to have truly lived.

The name Lupine comes from the Latin “lupus” meaning wolf. Nice to see our devoted Aussie Magdalene (Maggie) in her element on the walk up Medicine Wheel Mountain in Wyoming's Big Horn range surrounded by so many of her purple “wolf” friends.


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