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Flower essences are offered as a support or influence to our emotions and spirit helping one to release stress, rise above negative thoughts, increase self esteem or calm angry behaviors. The essences gently find their way to the core of such emotions, allowing the flowers' healing energy to penetrate - like kind words to the soul - offering a return to inner balance and a feeling of harmony with both self and others.

We invite you now to travel through our website, to listen to the words of the flowers, to enjoy the beauty of the Nature where they were made. Our prayer is that you will begin to experience your own healing now. Great Lakes Sacred Essences is here because we love you and we want to empower you to become the Highest and Best sentient Being possible!

Sacred BreathKeep Breathing! All this month we are offering $10 off your combined purchase of the tincture and the 2oz spray of Sacred Breath. Spread the love of flowers by putting a few drops of tincture in your water, food, and laundry, and let the wonderful fragrance of the spray fill your home! Select the last option in the price drop-down selector on the Sacred Breath product page.