Wood Avens

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Wood Avens

(Geum urbanum)


Common names: Herb Bennet, Colewort, St. Benedict's Herb

Indications: Encourages the self-esteem, self-support and confidence needed to truly be of service to one's community.


Wood Avens essence evokes a deeper knowledge of yourself as well as a respect for personal uniqueness. It is only where you recognize your individual talents and strengths and feel a sense of self-support
that you will be confident enough to try new ways of operating in this world. Wood Avens essence promotes self-support.

Sturdy of stem, Wood Avens holds its own amongst the other late Spring growth in our gardens. Milky yellow, this flower forms around a ball of stout, sticky, branch-like sprays. Leaves cluster far apart in their layering, as in levels of personality..... with the base thickly represented, its roots numerous and holding firmly when needed. We humans could use these physical qualities ourselves to hold and mature our self image and emotional security.

Our childhoods used to be framed within our direct needs of sustenance from our Mother Earth. Daily, we tended to our chores in nurturing plants and caring for the animals that we depend upon for our very survival. Pleasures were contained within these direct connections with variances of the life force itself. Slowly and subtly, the rhythms of Nature were masked as more-worldly endeavors were brought into our focus. With machines, the pace of disconnect as stewards of the plants and animals quickened. Soon, we were exchanging the natural life forces with those of the creative and inventive imitations of the Earth’sinnate features. Splashy and fun for the mind’s pursuit, we loosened our tethers to the daily rhythms of Life itself.

With our feet off the ground, we cannot feel the currents our hearts need to balance our brains’ pursuits!

Rooting to Mother Earth, while reaching above our heart’s center, allows expression and fulfillment in our life’s tasks each day. The self emerges from this inner strength, not showy or flamboyant, but just enough to feel good about its presence in this social world.

A member of the rose family and considered a native wildflower in Europe, including England and Wales, Wood Avens is thought to be a plant introduced to the U.S. A lover of shady places, Wood Avens produces burr-like seeds
often distributed after being caught in the coats of furry animals.


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