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(Mentha x piperita)

Indication: Mind, Body Balance
For those who "forget" to take care of their body when on pursuits of the mind or creative endeavors.

Peppermint essence calms down the the energy in your upper chakras better integrating active idea energy with the physical body and its needs. A typical indication would be becoming so involved in a project that you have forgotten to eat or rest. When you finally do eat your digestive system is overwhelmed and you suddenly feel dull and lethargic, unable to think clearly as the body is now locked into digestive mode. It is as though these two systems of the body are acting independent of each other and it's either think and be creative or eat and sleep. Peppermints action is to help these two systems begin to work together in more harmonious ways.

The first mission is to get your mind to awaken and become respectful of the body and its physical needs. Once you have this awareness you can begin to listen better to the body's subtle callings for water, food and rest then meet your metabolic needs with rhythm and respect as they arise.

When the physical body feels cared for it is less likely to shut down and will support the cognitive processes by supplying needed hormones and calories that create clearer thinking and decision making.  

The essence then works to invigorate your mind and senses with newfound inspiration. Peppermint essence acts to engage your whole body to work together respecting both the the more inspiring and spiritual upper energy centers and the digestive metabolic lower energy centers.

Peppermint is a flowering perennial, usually growing between 12 and 35 inches in height. It is native to Europe, and is actually a natural hybrid of spearmint and watermint. The herb is easy to grow in moist soil and is commonly cultivated around the world for its many applications in food and medicine.

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