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(Nigella damascena)

Common names: Nigella, Devil-in-a-bush

Supports the Spiritual Gift

Indications: Holds space, protection and honor for the indigo, the seer and the intuitive healer.

Fine knots of flower lace surround the delicate periwinkle blue of the Love-in-a-Mist flowers.  The flower face is exceptional, mesmerizing in its intricacies. Love-in-a-Mist bestows a field that will project its power into the world in spiky rays while shielding the inner secrets of sacred knowledge in a protective maze of mystery.

Innate gifts and healing abilities often come at a cost to the beholder. Explaining your spiritual or intuitive experiences may be complicated, and it is unfortunately commonplace for your differences to be completely misunderstood by others. It is hard to communicate "specialness" in a world of conformity where there is little understanding or respect for the indigo or sensitive. Worry over how others may perceive or reject your gifts or mastery may have caused you to hide or downplay abilities. The need to feel loved and accepted as "normal" may result in an uneventful life where your true capacities remain undiscovered or undeveloped.

We live in a culture that does not honor intuition, nurture the senses, trust the visionary, or respect the clairvoyant. Because of this, the lessons and wisdom that have been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times remain lost to a society that is drowning in the mundane and sadly missing the spiritual magic of this incredibly beautiful Earth and ignoring our spiritual challenge to evolve to higher states of Divine Consciousness. And so, some of the most gifted and highly evolved souls walk the Earth misunderstood and unsupported, their abilities neglected and often sadly unused. Love-in-a-Mist flower essence surrounds the sensitive soul with courage and heart strength. Encouraging self acceptance, the essence also works to energetically prepare you for the responsibilities that come with abilities. The essence opens and purifies the throat chakra, which offers increased clarity to communicate spiritual experience and to express physic abilities effectively in the real world. With this support, your true capabilities can be honed and increased in potency for healing and service to your community. Protective in all ways, the flower essence works to nurture and enhance spiritual gifts and sensitivities. The essence, taken over time, helps you to feel more confident and less concerned about the perceptions and judgements of others.

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