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Bristlecone Pine

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Bristlecone Pine

(Pinus longaeva and Pinus aristata)

Common names: Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, Intermountain Bristlecone Pine

Oversensitive to Modern Life

Indications: Helpful to those with a slower sense-based metabolism who feel uncomfortable with the fast pace of modern life and cities.

Thought to be the oldest living trees on Earth, the bristlecone pine tree possesses the temperance of endurance and the wisdom of an ancient master. Known to grow in isolated groves at high altitudes of 10-11,000 feet, the trees survive in seemingly impossible high winds and short growing seasons. Relatively young at 1,500 years, the trees growing in the most extreme conditions with scant soil and moisture seem to be the oldest, up to almost 5,000 years old!

The flower essence of Bristlecone Pine was made as the sun was rising over the colorful snowy expanse of Bryce Canyon in central Utah. Gently, the essence bowl was placed in the grandmotherʼs sturdy branch overhanging the canyon rim, allowing the morningʼs first shimmering rays of light to reflect in rainbow brilliance across the snowy abyss.

The flower essence of the Bristlecone Pine shares its deep and grounding energy, offering comfort to the “old soul” who is having difficulty adjusting to the fast pace and intense human-introduced vibrations of modern life. Cultivating an enduring ability to effectively adjust to environment, no matter how extreme or hard, the tree teaches you how to master and thrive. Suited to those with an Earthy, deeply spiritual and contemplative nature, who feel and sense everything at profound levels and are deeply sensitive to Mother Earth and the health and feelings of her plants, creatures and Nature. They are often resistant to change and have difficulty living in the modern age due to a slower sense-based metabolism. They may have resistance to the fast pace of techno-culture and the movement and noise of city life, unable or unwilling to come up to speed with swift cultural changes and “the times”. This worldly distress may manifest in physical symptoms, such as allergies or pain as the body takes on the disruptive energies as it attempts to clear them for Mother Earth. This deep sympathy and compassion for the Mother, along with their inherent wisdom, is the true gift of the Earth healers.

Bristlecone Pine, the oldest and wisest of the trees, offers her love and the cumulative wisdom of her long life to stabilize and nurture the Earth-sensitive soul. The essence of Bristlecone Pine teaches you how to work with density, allowing the multiple and complex energies of your surroundings to be purified through a process of mineral-enacted transmutation. This tree has survived the ages by its ability to work intensively with the scant minerals available to it, feeding on the minerals as other plants feed on water. This important relationship with the rock kingdom offers her the density, hardness and slow growth that enable her longevity. Her essence teaches you to draw up stability from Earthʼs minerals, to carry a rock in your pocket, to feel the ancient strength of Mother Earth and to be able to carry that into the modern world. The capacity of the trees to live so fantastically long, to adjust to places on the Earth that no other tree wants to inhabit has allowed her to flourish in these environments free of competition. Bristlecone Pine essence teaches you a strategy for survival, helping you to learn to become more resilient and less reactive to modern world extremes. Truly offered as the blessing of a master. Honor her and listen well!

 “We donʼt have to tell the seeds of the bristlecone pine what to do. We give them a chance. Or God does or whom it may concern does. Now Iʼm not about to tell a bristlecone, or for that matter, a western swallowtail, a condor, or a redwood what to do … They know … we have no right to drive these miracles off the Earth.”

~ David Brower

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