Stormy Weather

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Stormy Weather

Personal Upheaval

Indications: For times of great emotional crisis and radical personal upheaval.

Stormy Weather

€This essence was made during an intense thunderstorm in the middle of fourty days of rain and a week of daily electrical storms, high winds and tornadoes.

Your ability to endureperiods of personal stormy weather will depend very much on your ability to keep your Faith and to see the Sun behind the clouds.

The Stormy Weather essence is for times of great emotional crisis and radical personal upheaval.....when the structures around you of Family, job, or Relationship may be radically changing and may be charged with explosive Emotional Energy that may have left you exhausted and at your wit's end as to how to proceed.

The Stormy Weather essence offers us a Light at the end of the Tunnel, a gentle lap to rest your weary head.... a reminder from Nature of the Love of God when you feel lost and out of touch with your connection to Spirit and beaten up by unending Struggle.

At a distance, the Dramas of your life can be seen in Storybook Form, leading you to Higher Wisdom and Compassion. But in the middle of the Storm you may have no clear Perspective and feel abandoned
and unable to connect to anything but your intensely charged Emotions and Pain.

The Stormy Weather essence helps to discharge strong Emotions and release your Struggles into the hands of God. As your ego lets go and trusts in a Higher Wisdom, radical Change occurs.
The Stormy Weather essence helps by clearing the emotional Tornado that surrounds your present situation and assists you in letting go of your Pain and Struggle thus you can be washed clean by the forces of Nature. The essence supplies a fresh, vibrant, restorative Energy, giving you the Charge and the Clarity to start anew, embracing Creative Solutions with Optimism and Trust.

Lightning is caused by static electricity.
When enough charge has built up in a cloud from friction from dust, ice, and water droplets
the bottom of the cloud becomes negatively charged and discharges lightning.

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