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Medicine Wheel

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Medicine Wheel

(Medicine Wheel Mountain, Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming)

Finding Your Medicine

Indications: Aids your journey in the circle of Life. You enter the Earth plane with certain powers, gifts and challenges. You learn, you grow, progressing around the wheel of experience. Medicine Wheel essence helps you to gracefully embrace your next medicine or teaching.

Medicine Wheel

I have come here many times to offer prayers, to connect with the Ancients and the powerful Earth medicine of this place. It is a journey to hike up this mountain with little ones. My energy not only must carry my own weight up the often hot dusty road but also hold the hands and lift the spirits of our family entourage of sizes and whines. It is a pilgrimage that I hope to walk many times during my life here. Each step releases Earthbound struggle as our eyes feast on a breathtaking vista,
our feet know they walk on holy ground. The prayers begin at the bottom, and the Spirits speak with each freely here: “Welcome, our love is great for you and transcends linear time and space to open doors for you on many planes.”
The Guardians of these sacred stones light up the mountainside with this energy. I have poured my soul out to these stones over the years, and my prayers have joined with both those of the Ancients and now those of many nations who come to honor and offer here. I see this energy going up and connecting with an energy of Sky medicine that creates its own healing wheel. The Mother stands between the two, and the Spiraling Energy, like the eagles’ dance, balances the powers of the Totems.

This is an essence that recognizes connection between Earth and Sky...that reconnects you with your Guides who will protect and lead you on your Earth journey. 

Life is truly an unfoldment that must be walked in a conscious and prayerful manner. Finding your medicine and applying it to the many wounds here is aided by contact with this powerful place. This essence can help your conscious and subconscious reconnect with Universal Knowledge. Medicine does not restore your soul to a state of perfection but is a teaching of wisdom that enlightens your soul and brings it to a new, higher step on its evolutionary walk.

The Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain  National Historic Landmark is located at an elevation of 9,642 feet near the crest of the Big Horn Mountains of north central Wyoming. The Medicine Wheel is an 80 foot diameter circle of stones at the top of the highest peak in the range with 28 radial rows of rocks extended from the center point to the outer rim of the wheel. Archeological evidence indicates that the site has been used by tribes for over 7,000 years. Oral histories provided by Native Americans indicate that the the Medicine Wheel is indeed very, very old. Used as an altar for the Medicine Mountain it plays a central role in cerimonial and spiritual functions.

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