Venus Transit

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Venus Transit

June 8, 2004

Restabilizes your inner core and helps to restore love to all areas of your body… supports the body’s natural defense systems.

There were times during the night when I did not know if the world and all its beauty would perish in the night like the passing of the last great age. We have come to knowledge but have not chosen wisdom, and as I recognize the etheric web dissipating we are all a little less here with each passing day, and the reality around us becomes vague, unfocused, and actually begins to disappear. I felt a numbness and a letting go, if all was lost and the struggle was over, take us quickly, thy will be done.

But is there something I can do now in my dizzy numb state, one more gift? I hear the words “anchor Love”. But how and where? I begin in my toes I ask my toes to anchor Love. They curl, they move, they become baby feet, ahh.... they remember Love. I more to my ankles, my legs, each body part in turn, and as I anchor Love it chooses to return to a small and frail held infant, nurtured by mothers love, responding only to the heart, released from all transgressions.

I fall asleep and dream that I am in my brother’s house. I walk into his basement and find it full of Gnomes and Elves all in white. Karate outfits and training in some unknown (to me) martial art. I jump at one in a fake and playful attempt at Karate. He joins in the fun, and we essentially shadow box with appropriate kicks, grunts, and yells. I awake to Venus in transit.

I have been taught two powerful gifts by this night. Venus is transiting the Sun, a rare gift that we on Earth only experience about every 100 years. As the Goddess of Love and Beauty is purified and potentized by the morning Sun, feminine life-giving energy and creativity are anchored structurally and innocently again in all creation.

This essence supports the strength of love to hold together life. It re-blesses and re-stabilizes your inner core and helps to restore this love to all areas of your body.Next, the essence teaches you about self defense and defense for all proper life forms on this planet. The time is now and the call is clear..... we must, if we are going to keep this beautiful home, defend her and our birthright with passion, certainty, and forth right action. The Elementals are taking on this battle with fun, joy, and exuberance but they are clearly engaged. The Earth herself will, with the Creator, have the final say but we are offered this essence now to give you the strength to return to your role as a guardian and to once more offer a chance to claim back Eden. 

(photo curtesy of NASA)

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