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Common Sow Thistle

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Common Sow Thistle

(Sonchus oleraceus)

Common names: Common Sowthistle, Smooth Sow Thistle, Annual Sow Thistle, Colwort, Hare's Thistle, Milky Tassel, Milk Thistle, Soft Thistle, Swinies,Hare's Colwort, Milky Tassel, Thalaak, Hare's Lettuce 

Low Self Esteem

Indications: Helpful to those who are shy and feel common, overlooked, or left out. Ignites their inner star to shine with strength and confidence.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but it is also a life force that radiates from an inner source, an intangible confidence that shines out from the Divine light of the soul. Seeing your own beauty is not really the point. The point is, rather, to “know” the beauty that you are –– the raw beauty that exists within you and that you emanate because you “are” ultimately made of stardust and part of the flowing, creative, God-inspired and God-filled universe. It is easy to feel lost, common and unimportant in such a large universe. It is easy to lose sight of your own talents and beauty in a world that projects its models and heroes as flawless, generic faces and personas. The Common Sow Thistle, growing on Prince Edward Island, is tall and bright yellow, yet its flowers are almost unseen against the palate of sandy ocean beaches with roaring surf and blazing, dramatic skies.

Here are fields of regal Queen Anneʼs Lace, bright yarrow, tall waving oat grasses, wild roses and brilliant lupine that dominate the senses, overpowering this spindly, lanky, dandelion-like flower. The Common Sow Thistle flower essence serves those who may feel insignificant, lost in the crowd, timid or unnoticed in their field. It also speaks to those with feelings of not being good enough, smart enough, talented enough, strong enough or pretty enough.

 Being great is an innate power we all possess and we all should get the opportunity to express. The Common Sow Thistle is so common you may have not been noticing it. Its essence teaches you to stretch, poke at and activate your inner goodness, smarts, talent, strength, and beauty, to find your innate self-value and to be ready to offer that inner light in service to the world.


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