Swamp Milkweed

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Swamp Milkweed

(Asclepias incarnata)

Common names: Rose Milkweed, Swamp Silkweed, Indian Hemp, White Indian Hemp, Marsh Milkweed, Swamp Butterfly Weed

Indication: Brokenhearted
A Heart balm for the brokenhearted following the wounding of rejection, embarrassment or betrayal. Settles highly emotional feelings of pain
while working to restore one's self worth.

Growing on Manitoulin Island in the heart of Lake Huron the Swamp Milkweed flower essence nurses the emotional and mental well being of the broken hearted. Feeling unable to deal with a breakup, a rejection or a loss, sad and confused the soul may despair as it finds itself obsessing over an illusion of love that is now gone. There are no words to comfort what feels overwhelmingly lost and painful. The heart must have its experience of sorrow.

It is natural to want to attach yourself to another in strong and passionate ways. We are born as beings of love and affection.  When you open your heart widely to the great power of love you are also vulnerable to the chance of heartbreak, and if you are hurt, you must find your way to move through the injury of your heartache. It is really distressing to have loved and lost and you cannot just get on with your life because your emotions are meant to be felt and you must take the time needed to nurture yourself through the pain.

However sad it is that you feel now, it may be time to open the window to healing and not let the heart forces runaway down a miserable path of self pity, pining after an illusionary relationship or one that has little chance of returning.

Your heart chakra is the strongest life force within you and although it is now causing you great sadness, it is this very heart energy that will offer you abundant supplies of resilience and courage, no matter how deep the cut or how severe you feel the anguish of loss, the heart can and will heal.

The pretty rose colored Swamp Milkweed grows heartily rooted along the marshy edge of the gently lapping waters of the Great Lake Huron, nurtured here by the long hours of a northern July sun, she grows strong in the boggy fingers of the island's gentle hand. Her large heads hang from the weight of her journey as her sweet perfume scents the morning air with a quieting balm that goes straight to your heart. She, along with her sister Common Milkweed are the only food that the beautiful monarch butterflies feed on. Butterflies are the perfect symbols for the transformative process. Because they show you the path to healing like no one else can. The beautiful monarch teaches you that it is only from the dark internal days spent in the Chrysalis that magic occurs, transforming the unimpressive caterpillar into the magnificent orange and black winged butterfly.

It is this amazing archetype that the Swamp Milkweed flower essence offers, that you too can transform your pain and sorrow. Whether this is current pain or the unhealed scars you buried within long ago. Milkweed is~ the food of butterflies and she can hold your hand through your own metamorphosis! Although she cannot erase the past, she does offer you a path forward, a path of courage, of peace of mind, of happiness, and like the awesome butterfly within, you will no longer need to crawl~ when you have the possibility to spread your wings and fly.

Swamp Milkweed is a perennial plant species native to North America. It grows in damp to wet soils and attracts butterflies and other pollinators with its nectar. Like most other milkweeds, it has sap containing toxic chemicals, a characteristic that repels insects and other herbivorous animals.

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