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(Asclepias syriaca) 

Common names: Common Milkweed, Butterfly Flower, Silkweed, Silky Swallow-wort, Virginia Silkweed

Overly Reliant

Indications: Supports those with regressive or irresponsible behavior -- who are noncommittal to projects and avoid or check out of meaningful, eventful experiences or who remain overly dependent and allow others to do their work for them.

The Milkweed plant is solidly anchored to the Earth, preferring to grow in open spaces where it can enjoy fresh air and free sunshine. Blossoming in hot July and August, it spread its large shiny leaves wide while standing upright in a simple, clear gesture of strength. The plantʼs umbels of small, fragrant, somewhat dull purple flowers hang limp and heavy in the humidity of late, lazy summer days.

The essence of the Milkweed flower brings strength to the will of the entity that has not fully embraced their true potential into their Earthly mind, body or life experience. They may have incarnated with a physical or mental disability that has left them dependent on family or institutional care, or they may have decided to opt out of the normal required responsibilities of a maturing life, choosing instead to stagnate or regress -- perhaps through dependency or drugs, alcohol or unrealistic pursuits -- thus requiring family, friends or partner
to take care of their physical needs and the business of material lifeIn this dependent relationship, the soul never really “grows up” and may lose out on one of the most fundamentally enriching experiences
of the awakened human being -- the opportunity to quest, to dream, to meet obstacles and to test oneʼs ability to prevail and thrive as an independent individual in the “real world”.

The Milkweed flower essence nurtures the human will forces with a sense of clarity and purpose, allowing the warm milk of Mother Earth to feed the ego forces with nutrients of inner strength and the resolve to take hold of oneʼs life in a direct, potent and positive manner.

The Milkweed essence works to strengthen oneʼs inner spiritual power to persevere through both ordinary and extraordinary challenges, and to rise from states of helplessness to states of hardiness, strength and resourcefulness.
As a caterpillar, the monarch butterfly feeds solely on the leaves of the Milkweed plant, the sap of the plant then protecting from predators both the caterpillar and the butterfly it becomes by turning their bodies bitter and somewhat poisonous. So too, nourished by the supportive Earth milk of Milkweed flower essence, the human ego caught in regressive or dependent patterns may learn to spin a healing cocoon
and emerge from its “worm body” transformed into a beautiful self-actualized and free butterfly.

Milkweedʼs genus Asclepias was named after Asclepius, son of the Greek god Apollo and himself the Greek god of healing, bearer of a serpent-entwined staff. Rudolf Steiner said that human milk reaches the will forces of the infant and that animal milk is a food stuff that keeps man in balance between the spiritual and the material, uniting him with the terrestrial without chaining him to it.


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