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Spotted Knapweed

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Spotted Knapweed

(Centaurea maculosa)

Common names: Hayek, Common Knapweed,


Indications: Helps bring healing to cycles of martyrdom.


These flowers were found growing on the sand dunes of Lake Michigan amongst uva ursi, cedar, and much poison ivy.

Martyrdom, which the essence addresses, is an interesting paradox for unlike heart-centered selfless service you are instead taking on over-responsibility and burden out of guilt or unhealed personal wounds that cause you to think you need to over extend yourself. it may feel good to do all the housework without community help or take care of endless extras at work, for awhile you may feel like the hero who takes care of everyone and gets things done.

In an effort to distract yourself from personal pain you may plunge into endless tasks beyond your natural physical or emotional limits. This physical or emotional exhaustion only deepens your feelings of self pity and opens your wounds to bleed miserably as you question why no one else cares, thanks you or offers to rescue you from your predicament. You may also feel aloof or better than others because your efforts have been so great and consuming.

Spotted Knapweed is a beautiful thornless plant whose delicate lavender flowers are crowned with white tips.

Spotted Knapweed essence supports a rebirthing of your relationship with wholeness of self. It helps to reestablish the need for self-care, boundaries and self-love. It helps you to remember your connection to all beings and all community and compassionately hold your own inner pain in a place of acknowledgment, allowing Nature and those around you to offer comfort, counsel, and sympathy.

The essence then teaches you how to build community that relies on joint efforts and combined skills to achieve goals and get the work done. Service offered from the clear love-filled heart is an eternal wellspring of energy, inexhaustible and transformative to all community and especially you as work and service become joy and fulfillment.

 Spotted Knapweed (Star Thistle) is a native of central Europe with a firmly established home in North America. Small leaves (bracts) with black tips, laying flat against the base of the flower head, give the flower base a “spotted” look.

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