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Ravenna Grass

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Ravenna Grass

(Saccharum Ravennae) 

Common names: Hardy Pampas Grass, Ravennagrass, Elephant Grass, Plume Grass

Indications: Helps one to maintain their sense of individuality within a group while learning to harmonize rather than overpower others.

In the 1960s Utahʼs spectacularly beautiful Glen Canyon was flooded after a massive dam was built to create one of the worldʼs largest reservoirs -- with over 300 miles of canyon “lake”. The once-calm and gentle river that had meandered through an awesome spectacle of dramatic color and raw western canyon wilderness now flowed with deep water, covering much of this canyonʼs natural treasures and thus allowing jet
skis and power boats to disrupt the quiet solitude… while millions of years of geological history were drowned under a man-made sea. This expansive project radically altered the ecosystems in the pristine wild areas that were flooded.
As I stand here today, the lake is gone… water from this reservoir has been drained through many years of misuse, overuse, and evaporation... add to that more than a decade of continuous western drought that has drastically lowered water levels. Now, much of the canyon has been re-exposed, and the earthʼs surface has reemerged muddy and silt-y, making it hard -- or even impossible -- to walk, as shoes sink into the
unrelenting, sticky, and slippery surface. Water lines on the canyonʼs walls show the truth of a reservoir that was once almost sixty feet higher than the trickle-of-a-river that lies before me. I observe campgrounds and parking lots built to serve hundreds of people… now standing empty. Devoid of humans and their pleasure machines, the landscape fills with a surround of quiet, directing one to go deeper into the God space
and settle into the comfort of wonder and praise.
The canyon -- before, during, and after the water -- retains panoramic scope and majestic, lonely loveliness. It is a land carved by Creator over the eons, and its new face is emerging with the regenerative powers of intelligence and forgiveness. Nature -- ever optimistic and energetic -- is now dancing through this vast land playfully scattering new life. Ravenna Grass, native to North Africa and the Mediterranean, is considered one of the more worrisome invasive species spreading throughout the West. So, it is in an ecosystem sorely altered that the Ravenna Grass is flourishing, growing up from cracks in the muddy earth and swaying with the wind as a new horizon emerges.

Ravenna Grass flower essence offers a balm to combat the stress of living in a toxic or polluted environment. It is for that feeling of being lost in a crowd, finding it hard to maintain a sense of individuality
in situations of competition, confusion, or disharmony. When living in urban cities with straining for resources or attention, you may feel it is hard to be noticed and get your needs met. You may feel lost in a sea of grass, just another invisible blade swaying in the wind. This essence is helpful to children or teenagers struggling with the social dynamics of fitting in at school. Where it is important to learn not only how to get along with others but also how to be clearly yourself…because it is your authentic self that will find the most enduring and meaningful relationships.

When you are out of your safe space and merging with new people or environments, it can feel risky to be seen or to stand out as being different. There are times when you must merge and work as a harmonic unit,
and Ravenna Grass supports your ability to do this well. To learn that overpowering others with your own personal will and agenda will not provide the highest and best for the whole, here the essence supports the lessons that help you to learn to compromise or get along with others and to better understand the group mind and its value. But, as is always the case that in your quest for unity you must be careful not to lose the precious diversity and gifts of self.
So it is here -- in a disrupted ecosystem in hundreds of miles of desert canyon wilderness -- that a non-native grass flourishes… and, true to Nature, also offers a gift -- a teaching and a healing for the masses,
the All who must learn to work and play together, who need to support not only personal environment but also look for the kindness that heals and encompasses the best landscape for both society and every living creature. Holding your own aura or energy field safe in public or disturbed and polluted spaces is a challenge. Feeling and thinking as One can feel very alien to the independent pioneer mindset. But it is in the mastering of that challenge that we all in the 21st century will learn the lessons needed to heal both ourselves and our precious homeland – Mother Earth.

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