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Indications: Supports recovery and healing on all levels, releasing negative patterns and self-defeating habits as well as our need to be self-critical.

 Moss supports recovery & healing on all levels, releasing negative patterns & self-defeating habits as well as your need to be self-critical

Growing atop the highest canyon ridge in the Smokies, attached to boulders and the roots of Rhododendrons and Hemlocks, the Moss here grows in selective communities, slowly from year to year measuring growth and progress on micro-levels, holding firmly to the elements of its community and carpeting otherwise hard surfaces with its velvety green.

The Moss knits together both an etheric and microcosmic web that holds together the canyon’s edge and stops the surface from eroding.

As a flower essence, the Moss supports the process of recovery and healing on all levels of your being.

The flower essence first helps to absorb your negative patterns and self-defeating habits that originally led to your state of crisis, assisting you in learning to use your experience as a foundation for healing.

This essence is pure Peace as it works to open up your internal networks of self-trust in your ability to recover and be well.

The essence then helps you to release your need to be self-critical of your progress or predicament, teaching a softer and more-patient self-understanding.

As your ego loosens its need to judge and condemn, your internal light networks can begin healing and reconnect your physical being with energetic networks of support that help to heal and stabilize your physical and social presence, allowing for recovery and health.

 We had spent a day driving to this remote and hard to get to area of the Smoky Mountains and predawn climbed to the top of the ridge. Looking off in all directions we witnessed the soft green of ancient undisturbed moss.

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