Club Moss

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Club Moss


Common names: Ground Pine,Princesses Pine, Club Pine, Ground Cedar, Wolf's-foot, common Clubmoss, Running Clubmoss


Indications: Offers sense of security and self-love at core levels for those worried about the approval of others in social situations.

The flower essence of Club Moss addresses feelings of insecurity or fear of rejection that may be causing you to to feel apprehensive or uneasy in social situations, worrying about what others think and how your actions are perceived. Unable to trust in yourself, you may bluff or show-off in order to hide your cowardice, fearing criticism or disapproval.

Trying to look stronger or smarter, you may turn around and scold or belittle another, seeking to feel more important by dominating over some who is younger or easily intimidated by such action. Or perhaps you feel yourself on the other side of this and shrink back as others seem to intimidate you. Anxiety felt in your stomach from a fright, an argument or a social embarrassment may also call for the use of Club Moss essence.

The Club Moss flower essence helps you to feel more relaxed and confident, releasing dark agitated emotions that keep you feeling keyed up and worried about others’ perceptions. The Club Moss flower essence offers a more mellow laid-back sense of security that helps you to feel unconditional self-love at core levels. As the self begins to experience acceptance of self as an inner process, the exterior self can begin to act from a place of uninhibited courage and self-assured kindness.

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