Morning Pipe

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Morning Pipe


Indications: Strengthens prayer, meditation and perception of spiritual timing.

Morning Pipe essence was made on Easter morning at an elevation of 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains.
The “Rockies” are comprised of numerous mountain ranges collectively stretching over 3,000 miles from New Mexico to
northernmost British Columbia. Sculpted by Water in its many forms, the Rocky Mountains are home to rivers flowing into
three of the world’s Oceans ~ the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic. They are also home to vast stretches of majestic

This essence was made as the Sun was rising at an altitude of 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. It was Easter morning. Children were gleefully finding baskets of surprises
and looking for hidden eggs. A fox sat nearby, and from the almost cloudless Sky came a flurry of snowflakes.

 The intensity of radiant color between the azure blue sky, the golden Sun emerging over snowy Mountain Peaks, the vibrant green Pines and the shimmering large dancing Snowflakes filled the cold, highly-charged thin Air and surrounded our cabin in Holy Light.

Spiritual timing is ever present. There are no mistakes in the Natural Realm. All is precise and balanced in Nature’s evolving Rhythmic Dance. Each day awakes in Holy Ceremony and is celebrated as a Resurrection. Only Humans have stepped out of tune with this Dance. The Morning Pipe essence is a Prayer, a powerful Love to strengthen your prayers and bring you into a stronger place of gratitude and praise a giftfrom the Creation that surrounds you.

It holistically supports you in a reverent step toward Unification. This is an excellent essence to strengthen Prayer and Meditation. It is also an essence that helps to hold sacred strong Emotions such as Love with profound Reverence and Respect for Spiritual Timing.

There is a Flame that burns strong for Humanity in the Christ Spirit. As the Sun emerges each day it is up to you to greet it and the gift of the Light which gives you your Life with Gratitude, Awe, and Celebration. As you draw the Christ within, may you also turn to the Six Directions to honor the Resurrection of the Spiritual and Physical Presence of Christ within every Rock and Tree that surrounds you.


Fox speaks of the duty of keeping the Family together & safe..... of the New World opening up, of Shapeshifting, of Magic,
of Between Times. Fox is a Guide to enter the Faerie Realm. Fox’s appearance can symbolize the Faerie Realm is
about to open to an individual. Fox teaches the Art of Oneness through her understanding of Camouflage and says:

“Become unseen, yet weave into any location or situation.
Observe the Acts of others rather than their Words.
Keep Silent about what you are observing.”

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