Mammoth Cave

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Mammoth Cave


Indications: Helps you open inner passageways to an expanded larger reality where intuition, guidance and perspective can be experienced.

Mammoth Cave

The Mammoth Cave essence asks you to go deep within the dark spaces of your being and open a conversation with the pain held there ~ pain that you have somehow called and attracted out of your own fear of it.
What you will often find here is your own fear of power ~ fear of the very power that can heal your wounds and transform your fears. In order to find peace in utter darkness, you must release your need to see and instead begin to trust in the deep unseen.
The Cave essence helps you to open inner passageways, to an expanded larger reality where you can experience Intuition, Guidance and Perspective.

As you come to peace with darkness you can more astutely observe your position and open to the deep grounding and centering potential of this essence. This Cave offers a powerful medicine for self-improvement. Rooted deep in Mother Earth, it offers courage to those who have shut down their powers of observation because life has become too painful or too dark. The Cave essence offers you a deep and protective shelter during vulnerable times..... a chance to be literally held within the Earth’s womb. Protected by the Cave, you can release the negative emotions that keep you lost in darkness. From this place of Safety, Courage and Inner Guidance a strong root medicine emerges, revealing inner gems, while strengthening you with the Stamina, Power and Assertiveness to go the distance and find the Light.


These stalactites are found in Mammoth Cave, a designated National Park in Kentucky’s Green River valley. This is the 
longest cave system on Earth, with more than 365 miles of chambers and complex labyrinths explored.

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