Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse

November 8, 2003

Draws off the negativity & tension of the heart….. works to align the heart chakra with true & transcendent Love 

Total Lunar Eclipse is a delight. A Lunar Eclipse always means a Full Moon never entirely disappearing into darkness. With Total Eclipse, the Moon magically changes color as she moves into the darkest part of Earth’s shadow. The atmosphere around Earth bends sunlight into the shadow, and dust in Earth’s atmosphere filters out most of the blue light, leaving the light remaining mostly deep red to orange. As the Moon moves into the depth of Earth’s shadow, wah lah.... the totally eclipsed Full Moon glows orange to red. 


“Each of us is one small light but together we shine bright ~ make way for Light.”The key is Love,but to stand in the power and intense purity of Love consistently has proven to be humankind's hardest task. Yet our deepest desire is always only this. Layer after layer of pain and trauma not only surround our hearts, but the very Earth herself. We are suffocating in our inability to release all the violent and selfish actions of man, both current and historically. Our hearts are surrounded by the scar tissue of these events and must be restored by the creative energy that brought us here in order that we may once again love in full innocence and power. 


The Moon is the Sun of the night, a brightness to light your path through the dark, a rhythm to your body, to the seasons, and the night skies as she waxes and wanes. Tonight Full she has eclipsed as the Earth stands between her and the Sun. Much has happened in the Heavens as of late. Mars has come to kiss the Earth and her New Moon in August and now Spring and Summer flowers are blooming in the Fall, even to the frosts of November.

The Heavens support us here tonight and especially those areas of the planet that are able to witness this Blessing. While seeing the Moon no longer bathed in Sunlight but dark with the shadow of the Earth, I watched her draw the sorrow and pain from the Earth willingly and, somehow joyfully, absorbing the negativity into her womb. Tears filled me at this.....tears as come when one really releases the heart.

As the Earth gave way and the Sun once again began to potentize her surface,a red glowing cradle appeared on her face.....a cradle, she said,to hold the new birthing of our heart sand to protect them in the loving embrace of our celestial parents.

Then, as the Moon became Full again, there was a new imprint on her face, quite visible from our home here in Michigan. The shadows of the continents of the Earth were now to be seen in her etheric body. Truly, this essence is a gift. Truly, the hands of the Creator are many,

and they are coming together to support us with so much Love and Power at this important time in our evolutionary history. 

This essence draws off the negativity and tension of the heart and works to align your heart chakra energies with the dynamic forces of our times. True and transcendent love is the power of this essence and the key to ultimate transformation.....the pure and glorious energies of the Heart.

It is given to you unchallenged and innocent of any past action or darkness.

Your heart may have been so broken, humbled, and wounded byby the very process of may feel difficult and sometimes even impossible to embody the radiant and compassionate love you long for. If the key is Love, you have maybe lost your keys and cannot get into the house. Take this essence that you may remember where you placed your keys, that you may restart the engine within and find your way home. Open to this new day, the dawning of your true heart and the transcendence of your soul. 

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