Lodge Tulip

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Lodge Tulip


Indications: Quiets the mind's chatter and allows for expansion of the inner mind, a return to wholeness and peace where there is no need to hold yourself or others in a place of judgement.

The Lodge Tulip essence supports you on the journey that returns you to the consciousness of your cosmic self......the transcendent being within you that is ultimately a citizen of the Universe experiencing life

and the potential for spiritual growth here on Earth.

One of the most alienating experiences for the soul is experienced at birth ~that of being separated from Source ~ an individual.....oneʼs own being no longer connected to the Mother. In the egoʼs efforts
to be individually important you can adopt self-righteous and judgmental attitudes that hold you above others. Social status, political ideals, child rearing practices, opinions on personal exercise and diet or religious choices are all human expressions that not only define individuality but can also be held in judgment and seclusion of others.
The Lodge Tulip essence assists you by transporting you back into the womb of Mother Earth.

In the lodge you bring nothing. You leave your status, your jewelry, your designer clothes. You sit in darkness on the wet muddy Earth with others you cannot see as the hot stones are laid into the lodge.
The heat and the prayers, the close walls, the smell of copal, the darkness all work to break your ego forces and bring you back to a state of humble interconnection with all beings, Earth and Universe.

The Lodge Tulips stand erect from a straight tall stem that easily supports the large golden flower cup The flowers are a stunning example of radiant, confident individual presence.

Its essence supports humans in healing deep feelings of separation from Source. It helps you, the individual use the experience of embodiment to work on perfection of Form and Beauty. It helps you to release your tendencies to be judgmental as you humbly align yourself with the noble archetype of Godʼs perfection ~ the tulip.

These tulips in this essence had made an amazing journey over the past years. They had somehow moved themselves 30 or so feet uphill from where they had originally been growing for more than 80 years. They all moved and ended up coming up, and blossoming, in the middle of a Native American Sweat Lodge through the stones in the middle of the lodge. They have been blooming here yearly for around 15 years regardless of how many lodges are held in this place.

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