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Common names:Woos purple, Purple aster, wild aster,


Indications: Those in need of Aster tend to be loners whose social insecurity causes them to avoid community, because they are genuinely uncomfortable with others.

Feeling awkward, rebellious or antisocial toward others may be an inherited trait or life-long pattern that has caused you to live as a loner, feeling unconnected to ~ and maybe uninterested in connecting to ~ Community or Family.
While hermit-like existence may feel more comfortable than the pain of exposure, the reclusive soul ultimately loses ability to experience the grace of Society and can find the prison of introversion painfully lonely. The pretty Aster flower
meets the eremite personality with a gentle loving smile. Not hard or critical..... but sunny and soft. This essence helps you to feel a little more easy-going and approachable..... helping you to begin to experience yourself as a member of Society, likable and contributing. This change in self-attitude brings about a major shift, as the emotions of the heart begin to open not only to receive social grace but to become socially graceful. It is through this soul expansion from self-consciousness to social consciousness that the soul ultimately grows into and embraces the richness of its experience as a member of Human Society.

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