Ancient Live Oak

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Ancient Live Oak

(Quercus virginiana)

Common names: Live Oak, Southern Live Oak, Evergreen Oak

Overly Responsible

Indications: Provides a sense of balance to overly responsible, unrelenting standards.

When the tree was asked how old it was, the tree spirit replied that it is "the tree that always was" and part of what was once a great healing tree circle that spanned almost 60 miles in diameter. Growing along a shoreline comprised of oyster-shell mud flats and marsh grasses, the grandfather tree now anchors this southern Gulf coast with healing and wisdom. 

Known as a ceremonial tree for the Karankaw and a council tree for the Carancahua, the tree has survived over 50 hurricanes, Spanish invasion, pirates, Mexican Empresarios, the Civil War, countless droughts, tornadoes and floods. Today the tree offers us its time-worn wisdom in the strength of this flower essence from the Tree that Always was.

The Ancient Live Oak flower Essence is a very important remedy the personality that is naturally strong, ambitious and persevering. Able to do what needs to be done and to do it well. 

can press them to the limits of their human-hero ability. Helping one to learn to work and organize one's life more cooperatively, the essence calms the spirit of over-achievement within.
Relaxing extreme self-standards, the soul can access a greater self-strength, a strength found in an authentic self-peace that can... yes, let some stuff go in order to replenish and refocus the roots of one's real intentions. It is in this surrender that we receive Divine Guidance and the help that we need.

The Old Tree spreads wide,

with branches to hold the community. Its long life has depended upon an iron will that has adapted to adversity, "knowing" how to thrive, compete and provide year-round for the many who depend upon its life force (bobwhite, woodduck, Florida scrub jay, yellow bellied sapsucker, wild turkey, black bear, squirrel, white-tailed deer... to name a few!). The Grandfather invites you...
come climb my branches, play, lay down in my shade, hear the wind in my leaves, learn to grow stronger and more enduring by allowing your will to surrender and align with Divine will.
In this you will be blessed.

 Well over 1000 years old, the "Old Tree" growing on Goose Island in southeastern coastal Texas is recognized by the Organization of American Forests as the largest live oak in the United States. With a circumference of over 35 feet, a height of over 45 feet, and crown of over 90 feet, many believe it to be the largest live oak in the world.

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