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(Perideridia Gairdneri)

Obligated, Freely Giving

Indications: Works to transform those who participate or give out of feelings of duty or obligation. Promotes true altruism that comes from the heart.


Yampah flower essence addresses a common problem faced when you offer up your willingness to give service but now feel burdened by the weight of all your commitments and obligations. Yampah grows freely throughout western North America and Northern Mexico. A member of the parsley family, it was relished by Native Americans so much so that it was over-harvested almost to the point of extinction in some areas.

As humans, we have free will and can use reason. We have the ability to choose whether or not to enter into a contract or agreement with another. The obligation is not forced on us. Contracts are willful agreements between parties. Duty, however, may be required of you but does not require your consent. You have the duty to take care of your kids, to be a good law-abiding citizen, to protect your family. Duty may even be demanded of you: you may not have consented to the duty but it is placed on you all the same. Duty requires sacrifice; you do what is expected of you for the common good. What you are expected to do, what you chose to do, and what you end up doing gets confusing when you are not happy doing it. When you do things out of obligation instead of heart service, you lose in all directions.
Yampahʼs umbles of white flowers offers an essence to help you return to the roots of your freedom to choose --the freedom to chose to be committed, to give of your time, your energy, and your love. Service rightly given is really love. It is not always easy; it requires sacrifice, and it can exhaust you with its many demands. Yampah works to energize you to find the joy that will continue to motivate you to give and do.
Yampah also invokes the wisdom to know when to back off from a commitment and to say no in the interest of your wellness. Yampahʼs nut-like roots are sweet, crunchy, and packed with rapidly assimilable carbohydrates, making it a delightful high-energy food. Its essence is perfect to help you stay energized and dedicated to both your duties and your service and to understand how and when you need to apply healthy boundaries with your time and energies.
mountains outside Taos, New Mexico

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